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Copper Leife is based near Melbourne, Australia and makes use of digital workflows to efficiently service both local and distant clients. Large and small projects are handled with the same degree of professionalism and care, and benefit from our many years of industry experience. Our innovative delivery and project management techniques are designed to minimise client hassle. All work is held in the strictest confidence and we are sensitive to publishing industry budgets and deadlines.

Picture research and image sourcing
We conduct highly experienced and informed picture research (photo research). We supply images on a royalty-free, licensed use, or commissioned basis using a large international network of photographers, artists, and image libraries.

Permissions / copyright clearance (photos, illustrations, text)
We secure copyright clearance permissions for all types of written and visual intellectual property.

Image enhancement / retouching / manipulation
If we cannot source your requirements through existing stock libraries, we can commission, retouch, and enhance images. We can provide expert in-house Photoshop skills when necessary.

Digital and traditional illustrations and artwork
We source or generate original artwork to suit your brief.

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